We analyse your situation, devise the appropriate mens of resolution / achievement discuss them with you, help implementing them as far as it is practicale and wished for and accompany you on your way to fully realizing the benefits.


As to political, geo-strategical focus points, we believe that a thorough understanding of not only the socio-economical and political, but also of the potential spiritual roots of conflicts are important to find a strategy to transform the situation. To look into what the individual who constitues the respective struggeling groups tends to believe and have as core-values can give an immediate key to the resolvement of the entire situation. Groups do have their own dynamics, but in understanding what takes place at their basis, we can transform everything.

We will help you in assessing, clearing and turning the situation, i.e. look at a transformation rather than a mere covering of the sources of conflict.


Unrest within corporate structures tends to be by felt injustices. Even if necessary from the point of view of the survival of the corporation or company as an entity, workers will not truly accept decisions that do not feel in line with their own ideas of values and justice. In researching what lies on the ground of the unrest and trying to find a solution that considers financial necessities as and at the same time appeals to the workers’ or employees’ system of values, we can reach a situation agreeable to all and thus actually create the basis for a development on a new basis.


We help you in finding a way to unite studies and ideals, work and freetime and thus find inner peace more easily, despite your head being busy all the time, by talking through your situation and trying to assess what, actually, you should try to focus upon. We can try to uncover hidden aims or fears.
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We help you, where you need help, and we advise you, where you need advice.
Lean back. Relax.
Time for Peace has come.

If, of course, you are ready to start creating it yourself. Be the Lord of your Life you always wanted ! Go for it !


Pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the field you would like us to work in. Please feel free to contact us for further information.